Sweden Ready to Discuss Reparations for Slavery


Well, I suppose we should underline the word “discuss,” since, according to the article, Sweden has not really taken a position on the issue of reparations. Marvin Hokstam writes that Sweden’s ambassador to the Caribbean, Claes Hammar, says his country is looking forward to receiving an indication of demands from the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Slavery Reparations Committee, as the region seeks reparation for the slave trade.

“We only recently heard that we were mentioned among the European countries that the reparations committee is looking at filing a claim for compensation to. We’ll look at the claim when we receive it,” Hammar told the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC). He said Sweden was open to looking at possibilities and not likely to be influenced by other European countries’ stance on reparations. “I don’t think Sweden will be influenced. Usually we are careful to follow domestic Swedish law on international matters,” he said.

Hammar had earlier this week told a Swedish journalist that he was not surprised Sweden had been included in the list. “Sweden did after all have a colony in the Caribbean—St. Barths—so it’s not wrong for us to be a part of the discussion,” he was quoted as saying. “This is a serious matter and we have to have respect for the process.”

But in a telephone interview with CMC from Stockholm on Tuesday, the diplomat stressed that while the country had taken a formal stance against “Afro phobia” and supports international anti-discrimination efforts, it has not yet taken a position on the issue of reparations.

For full article, see http://cananewsonline.com/news/94347-sweden-ready-to-discuss-reparation.html

Image from http://usslave.blogspot.com/2012/04/swedish-slave-trade.html

Also see http://www.factualworld.com/article/Swedish_slave_trade

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