Photographic Exhibition: Sinaya Wolfert’s Músika Curaçao

Wolfert Musika Curacao

Sinaya Wolfert’s new book Músika Curaçao has been getting a lot of attention in Curaçao and the Netherlands [see previous post New Book: Músika Curaçao]. The photographer was interviewed on Radio 2 Capuccino and featured in Volkskrant and Luister Magazine and Villa d’Arte’s most recent issues. A photo exhibition related to her work in Musika Curaçao will open on January 18, 2014, at Landhuis Bloemhof, with focus on the book and the musicians included therein. Landhuis Bloemhof is located at Santa Rosaweg 6 in Willemstadt, Curaçao.

Wolfert’s Músika Curaçao came out November 16, 2013. With photographs and texts it portrays the soul of the Curaçao music (with a preface by Barry Hay). In Músika Curaçao, photographer Sinaya Wolfert and journalist Jeanette van Ditzhuijzen portray 50 musicians who can be considered music ambassadors of the island: from young talents to established musicians, from instrument makers to the stage. The book deals with musicians with Curaçao roots, including those living in the Netherlands as well as musicians that remained on the island for their entire career.

You may order the book online, through the artist, and at Gallery Alma Blou in Curaçao.

For more information on the artist, see and

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