Jacques Schwarz-Bart and the “Jazz Racine Haiti” Project


This project has been in the works for some time (since 2011, plus ou moins), combining music (traditional Haitian ritual music and jazz) and film Jazz Racine (2012). I can’t wait to hear the album, which will be released in mid-February 2014. The song “Badé Zilé” is a good sample of what is to come (see link below).

Description: Jacques Schwarz-Bart has created a one of a kind project that synergizes modern jazz and Haitian ritual music. While remaining a jazz project, Jazz Racine Haiti is lifted by the powerful spirituality of the voodoo songs. The artists and audience seem to be sailing together on a sea of light.

Jazz Racine Haiti was originally performed by two voodoo priests, namely singer Erol Josué and percussionist Gaston Bonga, and five jazz musicians: Jacques Schwarz- Bart, Etienne Charles, Obed Calvaire, Luques Curtis, and Milan Milanovic. It was the headliner at the opening night of the prestigious Banlieues Bleues Festival – 2011, in Paris, and since then Jacques has toured with this project to Morocco, Guadeloupe, France, Martinique, St. Lucia, Larochelle, Haiti, Rouen and New York, always receiving great audience response. [. . .] This project is also the subject of Jazz Racine a documentary film about a musical journey from New York, Africa and Haiti, which premiered in St. Malo, France at the Etonnants Voyageurs Book and Film International Festival on May 27, 2012.


[Photo above: Jacques Schwarz-Bart with Étienne Charles by Le Bananier Bleu.]

For more information, see http://jazzracine.com/

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