Calle 13 Heads To Palestine In Official Video for ‘Multi_Viral’


A little over a month ago, Puerto Rican music duo Calle 13 gave the world its first taste of their fifth full-length album with the release of “Multi_Viral,” the first single off their upcoming, fifth full-length album of the same name, Afroxander repots in Follow the link below for the original report and a music video.

Friday the group released the official video for the track, which was shot entirely in the West Banks villages of Bethlehem, famously known as the birthplace of Jesus Christ, and Beit Sahour (Place Of The Night Watch).

The video follows the exploits of a young Palestinian boy who crosses an Israeli checkpoint with a hidden ammunition clip in tow.

He passes the ammo clip on to a friend who loads it into his weapon of choice: an AK-47 that has been redesigned into a guitar. He flails and swings the “Escopetarra” (a real-life design by Colombian musician/peace activist César López) like a rockstar, the music becoming the weapon of liberation and peace.

“In the end,” explained Eduardo José Cabra Martinez (a.k.a. El Visitante), “the force of music is powerful, the only tool musicians have when others want them silenced or worse. In trying to censor something that gives the musician more power, they forget that music stays around forever. It is stronger than any weapon.”

“I felt a message of peace needed to be sent, one of tranquility, but without bowing down,” said his step-brother René Pérez Joglar (a.k.a. El Residente), the group’s vocalist. “And that is what is happening in the video, without compromising their ideals, standing firmly on their feet, but with a pacifist message that says ‘No to War’.”

The song also features contributions from guitarist Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine, The Night Watchman), Palestinian artist Kamilya Jubran, and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

Calle 13 is no stranger to politics. The group is famous for its political activism and has penned a number of fiercely political tunes since the group’s inception.

In 2005, the FBI invaded the home of Filiberto Ojeda Riós, the commander-in-general of the Ejército Popular Boricua a.k.a. Los Macheteros, an organization that continues to fight for the independence of Puerto Rico. Ojeda was murdered in the raid.

Calle 13 immediately went into the studio after hearing the news and, 30 hours later, released “Querido FBI” (Dear FBI) in support of Ojeda and the Puerto Rican independence movement for free online.

Two years later, the group wrote and released “Tributo A La Policía” (A Tribute To The Police), a protest song that tackled the subject of police brutality in Puerto Rico. Joglar and Cabra promoted the single by handing out free copies of the song to passers-by outside of the police headquarters in San Juan.

Multi_Viral, the album, will be released on March 2014.

For the original report go to

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