Tessanne Chin and Tami Chynn Speak about the Strength of Family


Now that Tessanne Chin has achieved a great deal of international visibility through the television program The Voice, it is time to show another side of the singer. I thought I had posted this in 2010 but can no longer find it in our archives: it is a fascinating segment of the internationally-acclaimed show Island Stylee (usually shown in flight on Air Jamaica) in which TV host Rachel Stuart gives a more personal look at Tessanne Chin and Tami Chin (more commonly-known as Tami Chynn), calling them the “Jamaican Superstar sisters.”

Stuart stresses that, in the interview, they “not only show their incredible talent, but more importantly, their unbreakable bond as sisters, and their love and appreciation for family.” [And no, Christina Aguilera, Tessanne’s Jamaican accent is not “getting stronger and stronger” as the show progresses; as you can see in this 2009 video, this IS a Jamaican family—with no need to fake the accent!]

Also see Tessanne’s amazing performances in our previous posts Jamaican and Trinidadian Singers Chin and Dieffenthaller Team Up and Song of the Day: Rise Again (Haiti).

See Island Stylee segment here:

For more on Island Stylee, see http://www.islandstylee.com/

Photo above from http://urbanislandz.com/2013/09/25/tessanne-chin-receives-overwhelming-support-from-fans-celebrities/

2 thoughts on “Tessanne Chin and Tami Chynn Speak about the Strength of Family

  1. luv them gals.. had no idea tess had a sister who could also sing… had my share of humble pie watching these girls and how true they stand by their family.. #inspirational

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