Alejo Carpentier’s Venezuelan Diary

carpentier1Alejo Carpentier’s diary, which tells of his exile in Venezuela from 1951 until 1957 (shortly before he returned to Cuba) will soon be published by Graziela Pogolotti, director of the Alejo Carpentier Foundation. Very interesting indeed!

The intimate reflections of Alejo Carpentier, a writer little given to confidences, will come to light with the publication in Cuba of a diary which the novelist wrote over six years in Venezuela. Graziela Pogolotti, director of the Alejo Carpentier Foundation, announced that the institution is currently editing a book of the daily annotations of the author of Explosion in a Cathedral.

“In terms of printing, the book should be ready by December, and consists of material stored by the Foundation,” noted Pogolotti, who believes the text will come as a surprise. “Carpentier was not a man of confidences, but began a diary in 1951, in the midst of the anguish provoked by the final touches he was making to his novel Los pasos perdidos (The Lost Steps),” she explained.

According to Pogolotti, the diary is also interesting because in it Carpentier comments on his sentiments of distress as a writer, what he was reading and the music he listened to in the nights he spent in Caracas.

The diary covers a six-year period, up until 1957, shortly before Carpentier returned to Cuba after his exile in Venezuela. Perceived as an untiring writer, who addressed all cultural fronts from essays and journalism to novels, Carpentier won the Cervantes Prize for his prolific work in 1977.

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