Bermudian Stanley Paris Starts Circumnavigation Challenge


Former Bermuda hotelier Stanley Paris, 76, will try to become the oldest and fastest person to sail around the globe by beating the current mark (150 days set by the late Dodge Morgan). He ran the Deepdene Manor Hotel in the early 70s but now lives in St Augustine, Florida, from where he set sail. Today, he reached Bermuda waters.

At 1015 LT today 7th December Bermuda Radio, recorded the single handed sailing vessel “Kiwi Spirit” as being 0.8 nm East of St Davids Lighthouse. This position marks the start of a circum navigation of the globe by skipper Stanley Paris.

Mr Paris is hoping to accomplish 3 main goals.

  • To complete the circumnavigation in less than 150 day 6hrs and 1 minute, which is the previous record held by Dodge Morgan.
  • To become the oldest person to complete the circumnavigation at age 76
  • To complete the navigation without using any fuel at all. All power will be supplied by wind and solar energy with sealed diesel tanks available in case of emergency.

The 64ft cutter rigged vessel is carrying 120 dehydrated meals, 120 deep frozen meals and a large stock of MRIs and dried foods. Water will be collected from the deck and the vessel has an electric water maker. Mr Paris will have satellite communications and will be writing a blog every couple of days or so, this can be viewed at

He also has a yellow brick tracker that will enable people to follow his progress

The most treacherous part of the voyage is expected to be the rounding of the Cape Horn at a latitude of around 56 Degrees South.

Mr Paris also mentioned that his son Alan Paris was the first Bermudian to complete a circumnavigation of the globe in 2003 on “Velocity”

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