Films from Around the World at Havana Film Festival


Recent productions of German, Czech, Polish, South Korean and Caribbean cinematography will be shown in parallel screenings in the coming days as part of the 35th International Festival of New Latin American Cinema in Havana, Prensa Latina reports.

These movies reveal the intimate and personal hallmarks of their makers, faithful to the universes from which they come from, said Luciano Castillo, a researcher at the Cuban film institute, ICAIC.

Debuts and films by acclaimed directors are included in the program of parallel exhibitions, which are aimed at presenting the present and future of the audiovisual industry all over the world, he said.

Oh Boy! (2012), Measuring the World (2012), Ana Arendt (2012) and The Bridge in the Ibar (2012) are included among others in the German exhibition.

Katka (2009), Beauty in a Tight Spot (2006), Eighty Letters (2011) and Tajnosti (2007) are part of the Czech proposals.

Films as 80 Millions (2011), The Girl of the Cloakroom (2012), The Fifth Season of the Year (2012), Imagine (2012) and In Secret (2013) shape the Polish exhibition.

Hanoi (2012), In another Country (2012), The Client (2011) and Madeo (2009) are included among the South Korean films to be exhibited.

Moviegoers also will be able to see several Caribbean films that were screened at the Film Festival of Trinidad and Tobago made by directors from that nation and also from Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Haiti, Martinique and Guadalupe.

Havana’s festival continues faithful to the precepts of its founder Alfredo Guevara (1995-2013), who tried to show the best of Latin American and Caribbean cinematography and that from other parts of the world.

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