Call for Papers: 50 Years Later—Fanon’s Legacy and the Caribbean


Guest editors Keithley Woolward and Craig Smith (The College of The Bahamas) have announced a call for papers for “50 Years Later—Fanon’s Legacy and the Caribbean,” a special issue of Karib: Nordic Journal for Caribbean Studies (an academic journal based at the University of Bergen, Norway) dedicated to Frantz Fanon and his Caribbean legacy. The deadline for proposals: February 1, 2014.

Description: December 6th 2011 marked 50 years since the death of Frantz Fanon.  To commemorate this important milestone, the Schools of English and Communication and Creative Arts at The College of The Bahamas launched the Critical Caribbean Symposium Series (CCSS) with its inaugural symposium “Frantz Fanon 50 years Later.” Born in 1925 in the French colony of Martinique, Fanon’s personal experiences of everyday life under colonialism would yield two of the most influential texts in anti-colonial revolutionary thought: Black Skin, White Masks (1952), and The Wretched of the Earth (1961).

Frantz Fanon is today one of the most widely known and influential Caribbean born theorists and revolutionary activists. His life and work, moving from the French Caribbean, to metropolitan France to Algeria in North Africa would have an impact on anti –colonial, anti-racist and liberation struggles as far and wide as Iran, South Africa, the Middle East, the Indian Ocean and the United States.  What requires interrogation now is Fanon’s impact on/in the Caribbean region of his birth: can Fanon’s work speak to the Caribbean’s contemporary challenges: labor and migration; capitalism and globalization; and post-911 geopolitics? Can we trace Fanon’s influence in the long struggle for Caribbean independence and sovereignty? Is Fanon relevant to examinations of the crucial foundations of Caribbean societies: slavery and the slave economy; colonialism and resistance to colonialism; race and the development of Creole society?   Questions such as these merit scholarly examination, particularly as they pertain to the Americas.

The second issue of Karib: Nordic Journal for Caribbean Studies is conceived as an extension of the symposium held in The Bahamas in 2011. Aiming to trace the Caribbean legacy of Fanon, we invite articles that may include but are not restricted to the following topics: Re-thinking Caribbean revolutions through Fanon; Caribbean women and Fanon; Fanon and Cuba; Stylistic and rhetorical influences; Translations and editions: the circulation of Fanon’s texts in the Caribbean; Fanon and the Caribbean diaspora; Fanon and creolization; Caribbean influences on Fanon; and Fanon and Carnival (masking and performance).

Papers may be written in English, Spanish or French and will be peer reviewed by an external reader. Articles should follow the guidelines of the MLA Style Manual (2008) and should not exceed 8000 words. For further instructions please visit our website at (If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the journal editors—the website is under construction and will be ready in a couple of weeks.)

Deadline for proposals: February 1st. Deadline for articles: July 1st

Journal Editors: Christina Kullberg (Department of Modern Languages, Uppsala University) and Hans Jacob Ohldieck (Department of Foreign Languages, Bergen University)

Guest Editors: Keithley Woolward (Department of Foreign Languages, The College of The Bahamas) and Craig Smith (School of English, The College of The Bahamas)

[Image above by Hossein Gaber.]

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