In Paris, Exhibition and Celebration of Aimé Césaire: “Et si Césaire nous était conté?”


Migail Montlouis-Félicité, writer and photographer, invites you to a series of events in Paris dedicated to Aimé Césaire, one of the major exponents of the Negritude movement (often called le Chantre de la Négritude). There will be an exhibition—“Et si Césaire nous était conté”—related to the poet and his legacy at the Valeyre Library, from December 10 to 21, 2013. Other related events include a cultural fragment with “Terres & Figures des Antilles–Héritage Aimé Césaire” at the Centre des Animations et Loisirs Valeyre. Both venues are located at the Paul Valeyre Center at 24 Rue Rochechouart, Paris (9e), France.

The exhibition opening will take place on December 13, at 6:30pm, with a program (starting at 7:00pm) with actress Mata Gabin, storyteller Igo Drané, the screening of the film L’Ami Fondamental by director Euzhan Palcy, and music by troubadour Johnny Grey, followed by a glass of friendship.

Montlouis-Félicité says: “I could have been content with just being an admiring reader of Césaire. But the need for writing literally haunted me since childhood. I have worked for more than two decades in a library where I rub shoulders with the writers of my pantheon. I do not separate writing from image; I think that image may precede words. I associate my work as a writer with photography. Doesn’t writing come from the imaginary? Through photography, I seek to express and provoke questions. My eye and my sensibility are attracted by what seems beautiful to them. I come from a country where the word is a serious thing but also fantasy. I come from the land of Aimé Césaire! ”

For press information, you may contact Jean-Pierre RIGA (Tel. 07 77 70 15 08) or via email at

For more information on the venue, see

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