Dominican Republic to Deport over 200,000 Haitians


SKNVibes reports that hundreds of Haitians and people of Haitian descent born in the Dominican Republic have fled the Spanish-speaking Caribbean country, while some have been deported after two Dominicans were allegedly killed by two Haitian men. According to The New York Times, at least 350 Haitians have either been expelled from the Dominican Republic or left on their own accord in recent days because of this unfortunate event.

It also stated that “the two Dominicans were killed last week in the town of Neiba during what appeared to be a burglary, and a Dominican mob retaliated by killing a Haitian man”. “Migrant advocates said that many of those who were deported had gone to a police station seeking refuge, and that some volunteered to leave the country because they feared being victims of mob violence. Others left because the Dominican authorities rounded them up in the streets,” the online media house noted. The New York Times further stated that the Dominican police noted that the Haitians were not debarred from the country, but rather went to the police station because they feared retaliation, and requested that the authorities accompany them to the border so that they could cross it themselves.

[. . .] However, another online media entity,, has confirmed that the Spanish nation is withdrawing itself out of an organised meeting with Haiti that would have addressed a Supreme Court ruling that strips citizenship from nearly 200 000 Dominicans of Haitian descent. “The announcement comes just one day after CARICOM; a fifteen-member organization of Caribbean states denounced the court ruling. CARICOM also declared that it would be suspending its consideration of the Dominican Republic’s bid for membership.” Aljazeera stated.

The site further stated that according to the Associated Press, “Dominican immigration officials have rounded up an additional 88 people and transported them to the southern border with Haiti, bringing the total deported to 357 within the last week. The surge in deportations follows a string of violence stemming from the home invasion and murder of an elderly Dominican couple along the border in the town of Neiba. A Haitian man, accused of committing the crime, was killed by a group of Dominicans in retaliation.”

Meanwhile, according to Caribbean, the Dominican Republic has denied reports that several Haitians were killed over the last weekend in the violent incidents that followed the murder of an elderly Dominican couple in the town of Neyba, blamed on Haitians.

[. . .] “Under the influence of anger, some Dominicans have threatened to kill other Haitian nationals, reason why many of them feel threatened, abandoned their homes to seek refuge in the Military Base of the place where they received military protection,” the statement from the Dominican Republic embassy said.

[. . .] “This sudden exit suggests that the Dominican Republic is currently conducting a massive deportation of Haitian workers and this is not the case,” said the Dominican government. Several hundred people, including more than 100 children were repatriated to Haiti over the weekend.

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2 thoughts on “Dominican Republic to Deport over 200,000 Haitians

  1. As one of our readers (Decolonial Transnational) pointed out, in many cases, these are people who have been in the DR for generations–they are Dominicans, a detail that many article have forgotten to mention. IR

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