Haiti’s International Book Fair 2013


Haiti’s International Book Fair [Foire internationale du livre d’Haïti (FILHA)] will take place on December 12-15, 2013. The fair, sponsored by the National Book Directorate [Direction nationale du Livre (DNL)] continues to motivate young people to the pleasures of reading with the weekly show “Book Tuesdays.” In the first edition of this major fair author and artist Frankétienne is the guest of honor.

Haitian readers will also have the opportunity to listen to a host of other guest writers from diverse backgrounds, such as Julien Delmaire (France), Maria Kodama Schweitzer (Argentina), and Maxime Catellier (Canada), among others.

Here are short bios of Frankétienne (shown above) and Julien Delmaire (below):

Frankétienne (1936)—writer, actor, painter, and educator—is an emblematic figure of Haitian culture. Author of around 40 works written in French and Creole, including Dezafi (1975) and Ultravocal (1972), he has received numerous literary prizes and distinctions. In 2010, he was chosen as UNESCO’s Artist for Peace, a choice that recognizes his remarkable contribution to French-language literature, his commitment to safeguarding and promoting Haitian culture, and his efforts to promote the ideals of the United Nations. In her book Frankétienne and Rewriting: A Work in Progress, Rachel Douglas sums him up as “the Renaissance Man of contemporary Haitian culture.”


Julien Delmaire (1977) is a charismatic figure of the slam movement in France. A performer and author of poetry collections, plays, and a recently published novel, he conducts writing workshops in schools, prisons, and psychiatric hospitals, among other venues. He is also a columnist for the Institut Français and the journal Cultures Sud. Many of his writings have been translated into English, Spanish and Italian. His books include Nègres, Le Mur s’efface, AD(E)N, and his first novel (which was published this year) Georgia.

Photo from http://www.africanaute.com/fan/personnalite/8850-julien-delmaire

For original article (in French), see http://lenouvelliste.com/lenouvelliste/article/124514/Bienvenue-en-Haiti-Premiere-partie.html

Also see http://www.haitiantimes.com/franketienne-to-be-featured-at-2013-francophonie-cultural-festival-in-dc/


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