New Book: Músika Curaçao

Wolfert Musika Curacao

A new photography book by Sinaya Wolfert, with writing by Jeannette van Ditzhuijzen and a foreword by Barry Hay—Músika Curaçao—is now available in the Netherlands and through the photographer’s site. Músika Curaçao, a photo documentary “that captures the soul of music in Curaçao” through photography and text, focuses on musicians of the island, ranging from the influence of slavery to hip hop, from jazz to classical music, from opera to choir production.

Description: Music can be seen as the heart of the island. Many people play an instrument, sing or dance to the varied rhythms of Curaçao. Music is everywhere. In Músika Curaçao, photographer Sinaya Wolfert and journalist Jeannette van Ditzhuijzen depict close to fifty musicians who should be regarded as musical ambassadors of the island. Wolfert captured images of the musicians during their performances, or sometimes during a rare moment of rest. Van Ditzhuijzen spoke to them about their careers and their love for music. The book includes emerging and established talents, musicians living and performing in the Netherlands but with roots in Curaçao, instrument makers, and outstanding music venues.

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