Moruga Museum opens in T&T


OVER 300 pieces of Trinidad and Tobago’s history were put on display yesterday at the opening of the Moruga Museum in Trinidad and Tobago, Susan Mohammed reports for The Express.
Eric Lewis, who spent the last 17 years collecting and researching the items, said it was with a great sense of pride that he commissioned the museum for all of Trinidad and Tobago to visit, be educated and know the history of their ancestors.
Lewis said: “It is a sense of accomplishment for the people of Moruga and by extension, Trinidad and Tobago. We look forward to inculcating that sense of pride amongst the people, by letting them recognise their identity, remembering their history, who they are and who they were, and who their ancestors were. It’s a great achievement, not just for me personally but for all of Moruga and Trinidad and Tobago.”
Lewis, who began collecting items when he was 11 years old, put on display fossils, flints, axe heads, old street signs, agricultural tools and pieces from East Indian, European and American history.
He founded the St Vincent Ferrer Society (SVFS) in 2005, which has assisted in the revitalising of the St Peter’s celebration in collaboration with the Grand Chemin Fishing Association and the Moruga 500 Committee.
In 2012, the SVFS commissioned and constructed a 30-foot St Peter’s Monument at the Moruga beachfront and conducted a beach clean-up in collaboration with MP Clifton De Coteau, councillor Phillip Gonzales and the Princes Town Regional Corporation.

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