Umbrella, Cardboard Art and Cupcakes at Woodford Square (Trinidad)


Umbrella, Cardboard Art and Cupcakes at Woodford Square 

Woodford Square will be transformed into a sea of umbrellas on Tuesday during Growing Leaders Education Hive. 500 umbrellas will be hung over the square providing shelter from the rain, shade from the sun and an attractive view during the day and at night when it is lit up – and they will be left there for 30 days!

At the Hive, children will also get an opportunity to release their creative juices during the cupcake and cardboard challenges.

Pre-baked cupcakes will be available for kids to decorate THEMSELVES!!!


The Challenge 

It is an open-ended design challenge for children of any age, challenging their imaginations through creative play. Children will design and build arcade games, gadgets, castles, robots, rocket ships – anything they can dream up. They will practice collaboration and creative problem solving and can learn about math, engineering, design thinking, sustainability, social entrepreneurship and more along the way.

The story behind 

Our Challenge is inspired by the short film, “Caine’s Arcade” and the Global Cardboard Challenge which is a worldwide celebration of child creativity and the role communities can play in fostering it. “Caine’s Arcade” tells the story of a chance encounter between filmmaker Nirvan Mullick and Caine Monroy, a 9-year-old boy who spent his summer vacation building an elaborate cardboard arcade inside his dad’s East Los Angeles auto parts shop. On the last day of summer, Nirvan stopped in to buy a door handle, and became Caine’s first customer.

“The only infinite resource of this planet is the mind of a child, so join us and let us build better children” Trinidad: 868-715-9231 Dubai: 971056754920 Skype:

The rules 

“Caine’s Arcade” can be used as inspiration, then work with kids to build something awesome out of cardboard, recycled materials and imagination. Do it anywhere – schools, backyards, parking lots. Rules, themes, and timelines are yours to determine.

The Education Hive is part of the Foundation’s four day event to foster more ethical social enterprises in Trinidad and Tobago. There would also be exhibitions on the day by:

Fondes Amandes Community Reforestation Project (FACRP)

Village Seed Solutions

Tapistree Studios Salon


Yoga 4 Youth

And much more…


Tuesday 3rd December


Woodford Square, Port-of-Spain



This event is FREE. To register go to

See the event on Facebook

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