Storied past of The Warwick revealed in new doc


A new film charting the history of the fast sailing ship that wrecked on Bermuda’s shores almost 400 years ago is to be screened on Tuesday, The Bermuda Sun reports.

Greed, Violence and Ambition tells the story of The Warwick. The Ship carried a handful of passengers who watched their only link to civilization sink in the wake of a fierce
hurricane.  The Warwick had a mysterious purpose “a purpose laced with greed and violence”.

New light

The documentary, by local filmmaker Robert Zuill, reveals her true story as a team of underwater archaeologists in a National Museum of Bermuda project led by Dr Piotr Bojakowski, shed new light on the early Bermudians.

Robert Zuill worked for CNN for ten years as a producer and has won several prestigious awards including: The Edward R. Murrow Award for International Reporting and a CINE Eagle.

He has also worked for PBS and has reported on a broad range of subjects including cocaine trafficking in Mexico; massacres in Kosovo; alternative energy in Afghanistan and development work in Haiti.

He has reported on presidential elections, the US economy, and science stories on discovering new planets.

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