As Britain gets to grips with dull wintry skies, images of the Caribbean by Patrick Lichfield have sparked the fastest-selling show for a London gallery—Chris Cheesman reports for Amateur Photographer.

The exhibition, which runs at the five-year-old Little Black Gallery in Chelsea until 7 December, is the first dedicated to Lichfield’s Caribbean shots – and includes unpublished work.

The ‘Patrick Lichfield’s Caribbean’ exhibition opened less than a month ago.


Though the gallery declined to say how much of Lichfield’s work it has sold so far, spokesman Ghislain Pascal told Amateur Photographer: ‘Lichfield is always incredibly popular with our clients but this show of the Caribbean has really struck a chord and the pictures have been flying off the wall.’

He added: ‘It helps that the pictures are glorious and sunny, while we have the cold British weather.’

Lichfield, who died in 2005 aged 66, was the fifth Earl of Lichfield and a first cousin once removed from the Queen.

He had a home in Mustique which he first visited in the mid-1960s.

Lichfield used the Caribbean islands as a backdrop for many of his shoots.

The Little Black Gallery was opened in 2008 by photographer Bob Carlos Clarke’s widow Lindsey, Tamara Beckwith – a friend and collector – and Ghislain Pascal, who was Carlos Clarke’s agent.

The gallery serves as the home of the Bob Carlos Clarke Foundation.


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