Call for Papers: Caribbean Studies Association Conference


(DEADLINE: 1 December 2013)
39th Annual Conference of the Caribbean Studies Association
May 26-30 2014
Fiesta Americana Hotel, Mérida México
“Mixing without Combining”?: Re/thinking Pluralist “Environments”
in the Caribbean and its Diasporas

The Caribbean has been marked as a creole, plural, hybrid, and/or syncretic space, and this marking has been analyzed through myriad disciplinary lenses and media. These explorations have highlighted inequalities linked to the region’s colonial past and manifested in its contemporary global positioning. Increasingly, the cleavages created by hierarchies of race, class, gender, sexuality and language have been foregrounded as challenges to the harmony implied by earlier paradigms of plurality. “‘Mixing without Combining’?: Re/thinking Pluralist ‘Environments’ in the Caribbean and its Diasporas” invokes discourses about Caribbean and diasporic Caribbean pluralities while highlighting dialogues between paradoxicalundefinedeven oppositionalundefinedelements that exist within so-called pluralist locations. This theme also expands notions of “environments” to embrace geography, topography, social status, in addition to sociocultural, political and economic realities.

The idea of “mixing without combining” challenges knowledges generated by notions of plurality and theimpacts of these knowledges, and begs us to construct alternative ways of knowing Caribbean environments.  Finally, as the 39th conference of the CSA convenes in the “Mexican Caribbean,” its theme throws into sharp relief the technologies that anchor the Caribbean’s purported plurality in rigid categories of place, race/ethnicity, class/status, gender, and heterosexuality.  Eschewing simplicity for complexity, this theme seeksthe possibilities of both/and.

We invite proposals from scholars and graduate students in all academic disciplines, as well as activists, public policy theorists, and members of civil society organizations whose work spans the broadest methodological range to submit proposals that engage the conference theme. Given our challenge to im/permeable boundaries of the plural Caribbean, we most enthusiastically welcome, and preference will be given to, papers, panels and roundtable discussions that are multi-lingual and/or multi-disciplinary. Individual paper submissions will be considered, but we strongly encourage proposals for entire panels.  Proposals might consider, among other topics, the following:

●      How race, ethnicity, class, gender and sexual identities reveal Caribbean pluralisms as both inclusive and exclusionary

●      How theories/narratives of Caribbean pluralisms have/have not influenced nationalist debates, movements, and rhetorics

●      How the 1st/3rd World hierarchy might be contested by globalism’s making permeable once impermeable boundaries

●      Roles that cultural textsundefinedliterature, music, film, art, etc.undefinedplay in reflecting, shaping/defining, complicating and/or integrating plural environments in the Caribbean and its diasporas

●      If Caribbean pluralism, itself, is a cultural product, consider how has it been (re)produced, consumed, (re)interpreted within the region and throughout its diasporas

●      Consider the impact on and/or correlation between the region’s ecological diversity and its social, cultural, political and/or economic environments

●      Consider how Caribbean pluralism, hybridity, and/or creolization impacts education, international relations, finance and trade

●      Consider how Caribbean pluralism, hybridity, and/or creolization effects health, science and technology, etc.

Guidelines for Panel/Paper Submissions

●     All proposals must be submitted electronically via the CSA website; the deadline for individual and panel submissions is 1 December 2013

●     Abstracts must not exceed 125 words for individual papers or 250 words for panels

●      Titles for individual papers and for panel must not exceed 70 characters (we reserve the right to edit for brevity)

●     Proposed panels should contain at least 3 and no more than 4 presenters, and panel chairperson must be named in the proposal

●     We encourage panel and individual paper abstracts being submitted in English, French, and Spanishundefinedthe three main languages of CSA

●     We strongly encourage panels that represent a diversity of rank, affiliations and disciplines (i.e., inclusion of graduate students and junior scholars on panels with senior scholars, activists, and/or practitioners; panels composed of literature, history, geography scholars)

All presenters must be CSA members in good standing in order to present at the conference.  Membership details and deadlines are available on the CSA website.

CSA can offer a limited number of travel grants to assist selected participants. A call for applications for the travel grant will be issued on the CSA website.

Individual Submission Form (English) – Panel Submission Form (English)

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