The Untouched Gem of the Caribbean: Dominica


After clarifying the huge misconception that “young equates party,” Aniska Tonge describes the beauty of Dominica, calling it “one of the most untouched gems of the Caribbean.” Having only spent one day in Dominica on my way to Guadeloupe for a conference, I agree and I have vowed to return someday to explore the island’s richness. Here are excerpts with a link to the full article below:

Dominica is probably one of the most untouched gems of the Caribbean. You won’t find concrete jungles here, she still doesn’t have stoplights and most of the roads are shaded by lush forest or greens. Disgustingly pure and beautiful with over three hundred and fifty rivers, you can pretty much go swimming somewhere different every day. A feat I have yet to take on, but I’ll get there. It takes just about forty-five minutes to get from the Melville Hall airport to the only city-like spot on the entire island, Roseau. On that drive you’ll encounter water sites, mountains, mist, parrots (the real, colorful deal) and some other rare wild life that you might end up eating depending on where you find yourself dining.

Wherever, you end up the food is perfect. Rich and fulfilling, I gained four pounds in five days and I’m not complaining! From the chicken roti that you can get at The Orchard restaurant, to smoked herring in curried coconut sauce, or the fried acra (a small tadpole sized fish deep fried in seasoned dough); it’s insane the types of things you’d see on your plate if you aren’t prepared, but it’s worth it. Desserts here are different, fresh, never processed and any fruit you get you almost always can pick yourself, if you’re the nature type.

So anyway, after all the food and hiking, rivers and waterfalls take some time to learn about this beauty. DA is the only Caribbean island with an untouched Carib reserve. If you’ve heard of Carib Indians, that’s where they stake claim, it’s sinfully archaic. They still reside in houses built years ago, living off of profit from their farming and crafts done so beautifully. I don’t think there is a better way to describe that gorgeous simplicity. It’s peaceful and perfect.

I’ve heard somewhere once that young people think that being young means doing everything fast, hard and loud. Sometimes we need the opposite, the serenity is necessary to tap in to that well of inspiration within us; Dominica did that for me. I was mentally at peace the entire time. I needed it I think we all do sometimes. So if you ever get tired of moving so fast in a world that’s all about big buildings, cell phones and social media, catch yourself a direct flight from Puerto Rico to this hidden gem. Pull away from the loudness that is life, experience the pure stillness of it and as always, Live Good y’all.

[Many thanks to Rod Fusco for bringing this item to our attention.]

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