Art/Performance: “c(S)ero—A Sartorial Sculpture against HIV/AIDS”


Cuban designer and visual artist Robertiko Ramos will be working on a performance piece entitled “c(S)ero: Una escultura vestimentaria contra el VIH/sida” [c(S)ero: A sartorial sculpture against HIV/AIDS] on December 1, 2013, from 12:00 midnight to 11:59pm at the entrance of the Trianón Theater (located at Línea Avenue, between Paseo and A. Vedado) in Havana, Cuba. This performance piece is part of several Cuban manifestations for World Aids Day. Negra cubana tenía que ser reports:

For 24 hours straight, the artist will work on a “sartorial sculpture, ” made with pieces of clothing, personal belongings, and photographs of people with HIV, stricken by AIDS, victims of the pandemic and/or those aware of the issue.

The title plays on the theme “Getting to zero: Zero AIDS related deaths, zero new infections and zero discrimination” [Llegar a Cero: Cero nuevas infecciones por VIH; cero estigma y discriminación; cero muertes relacionadas con el sida]—the UNAIDS campaign motto used between 2011 and 2015—and also with the term “seropositivity.”

“I take the framework of clothing because it’s the way in which people recognize us superficially: by how we dress … In detailing and visualizing the performance, observers will know that it is made ​​up of many articles belonging to diverse people: people of different skin colors, gender, sexual orientation, and serological conditions” Ramos explains.

For the project, the artist will use donated clothing. The pieces to be donated should be red, in coinciding with the conceptual premise related to the color that identifies this battle in the world. But the clothing may be of any type, and, in the interest of each donor, should be accompanied by a photo and name of the owner.

Everyone is invited to participate in this performance. The artist needs donations, which should be delivered starting on Monday, November 25, directly to the Trianon Theater, or handled through Facebook, with the organizers of this event. Donations of red belongings and clothes can also be delivered on November 25, from 4:00 to 6:00pm to Alexis at the Trianon Theater. Donators may also write to or, or call (507) 52853848 and (507) 53321515, to delivery directly to Robertiko Ramos or Marta María Ramírez. The end product will be donated to the National Center for Prevention of STI/HIV/AIDS (CNP).

This performance is part of a trilogy that began last September with “Mono-Logo” at Factoría Habana, in the collective project D’Disegno, Respuesta Cubana!, which will culminate with “Amor al Arte” at the Hall of Contemporary Cuban Art [Salón de Arte Cubano Contemporáneo].

For original article (in Spanish), see

For more on D’Disegno, see

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