Las Krudas Cubensi on Germany’s Radio Flora


Through the blog Negra cubana tenía que ser, I discovered to my delight that Radio Flora, a German radio station, has a Spanish language program called Buena Onda. The program runs Saturdays from 11:00-12:00 (in Germany) and seems to feature quite a lot of Cuban (and other Caribbean music). On Buena Onda, on every last Saturday of the month Sandra Abd’Allah-Álvarez Ramírez (Negra Cubana…)—a Cuban woman based in Hanover, Germany—features Cuban music on her show Y tenemos sabor.

At the end of October, she dedicated Y tenemos sabor to Cuban hip hop with a special program on the renowned Cuban group Krudas Cubensi. What’s even better news is that you can now listen to the podcasts of Y tenemos sabor—which can also be accessed from anywhere in Cuba—on the Mixcloud account Negracubana. I just listened to two of her shows and I highly recommend Y tenemos sabor.

As Sandra Abd’Allah-Álvarez Ramírez says, “And fasten your seatbelts because Las Krudas are not easy!”

Also see interviews of Las Krudas by Negra cubana…: Krudas Cubensi: rap desde las trompas de Falopio and Krudas Cubensi, más allá de la geografía and the review, Las Krudas siguen siendo Cuba

To listen to Radio Flora, go to

To listen to the podcasts, see

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