Dominican Republic President Vows No Mass Deportations after Anti-Migrant Court Ruling

daniloPresident Danilo Medina said earlier this month that there will be no “mass deportations and the humanity of the immigrant will be respected,” following the verdict of the Dominican Republic’s Constitutional Court denying citizenship to Dominican-born children of undocumented migrants.

Medina, according to an official note, gave that assurance to New York state legislators Adriano Espaillat, of Dominican origin, and Phil Ramos. The president gave both a full account of the Sept. 29 ruling that undocumented immigrants’ children, who were born in the Dominican Republic after 1929 and who are therefore registered as Dominican citizens, will lose that status because their parents were in the country “in transit.”

Of the Caribbean nation’s 9.5 million inhabitants, some 240,000 will be affected, mostly Haitians,” according to Human Rights Watch estimates. Espaillat said Monday after the meeting with Medina that the president told him he would have a government commission explain the extent of the National Regularization of Foreigners Plan to the 40 Dominican elected officials in the United States.

Medina was basically promising that at no time will the human rights of immigrants be violated because they are in the country illegally. [. . .]

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One thought on “Dominican Republic President Vows No Mass Deportations after Anti-Migrant Court Ruling

  1. Danilo : Esa decisión es una “bazzaburradaa!! Lo que se tiene que conceder es la ciudadanía dominicana o doble ciudadanía todo a todo haitiano que se naturaliza como dominicano ya sea por legalidad inmigratoria o por estadía en el pais legal o ilegal. Hay fuerzas financieras discriminatorias en la Republica Dominicana aprovechándose de ese APARHEID DOMINiCANO. EL PREJUICIO ANCESTRAL EN CONTRA DE NUESTROS HERMANOS HAITIANOS ES OBJETO DE JUEGO POLITICO NO SOLO EN DOMINICANA Y EN HAITI SI NO TAMBIEN EN LOS PAISES DE ESTADOS UNIDOS Y GLOBALMENTE. LA AVERSION A LA NEGRITUD NOS ACOSA Y NOS TIENTA A ABUSAR Y A EXPLOTAR A NUESTROS HERMANOS HAITIANOS. DIOS NOS MIRA A TODOS!!! AMEN

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