Art Exhibition/Happening (DR): “Victim or Executioner”


A group of artists take over a colonial house transforming this unused space into an appropriate atmosphere for the exhibition “Víctima o Verdugo” [Victim or Executioner]. In this exhibition, 21 artists enter the skin of the victim or the executioner through their works. Fittingly, the venue was home to the Dominican historian Emilio Rodríguez Demorizi, an important character in Dominican history during the Trujillo Era; the colonial house is located at 81 Las Mercedes Street in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. As artist Polibio Díaz states, “This is a place where history lives.”

I am sorry to have missed announcing the exhibition’s opening last night—November 15, 2013, at 8:00pm—but I am sorrier not to be able to attend the exhibition. (Sounds intriguing! Wish I were there.)

Participating artists are: Colectivo El Nuevo Arroz con Pollo; Citlally Miranda; Nelson Ricart-Guerrero; Taso; Patricia Castillo (Patutus); Johnny Bonnelly; Raúl Recio; Sara Haddou; Tony Capellán; Polibio Díaz; Awilda Polanco; Fer Figheras; Macarena Gershkowitz; Soraya Aracena; Patricia Grassals; Baltasar Alí; Saulo Villanueva; José Pión; Alejandro Ruíz- Demorizi; and Hjalmar Gómez.

Image above (unrelated to this exhibition):  “Head Hunting” by Citlally Miranda; see

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