New York Today: A Hispanic Police Commissioner?


An Article by ANNIE CORREAL and ANDY NEWMAN for The New York Times.

Heard of Rafael Piñeiro?

Unless you speak Spanish, probably not.

He’s the No. 2 at the Police Department, under Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly.

And he’s all over Spanish-language media, thanks to Hispanic leaders, who want him to take over the department when Bill de Blasio becomes mayor.

Mr. Piñeiro, 64, who was born in Spain and raised in Cuba, would be the city’s first Hispanic police commissioner.

El Diario, the city’s principal Spanish-language daily, has taken note. As have Fox News Latino, El Nacional in Venezuela and El Nuevo Día in Puerto Rico.

Over the weekend, Mr. Piñeiro was seen talking with Mr. de Blasio at Somos el Futuro, a conference of Hispanic lawmakers in Puerto Rico.

“We spoke briefly,” Mr. Piñeiro said in an interview. “But so did a lot of other people.”

He declined to say what they discussed.

But he said: “It’s good to be a role model — for people of Hispanic descent, or any descent, to know there’s someone who came to the U.S. at 12, penniless, and was able to make an impact.”

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