New York’s International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival


Zayda Rivera of the New York Daily News reports on the International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival (IPRHFF) which will run from November 13 to 17, 2013, in three East Harlem/Manhattan venues. In its third year, the festival will showcase 46 films including shorts, documentaries, animation and sci-fi.

While other Latino film festival’s ended their run, Veronica Caicedo [shown above], founder of IPRHFF, says “The International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival is here to stay.” The PPRHFF pays homage to the culture during the island’s heritage month in November. But it’s not strictly a cinematic celebration for Boricuas. “The key to this festival is that we require at least one person either in front or behind the camera be Puerto Rican,” says Caicedo.

Actress Lauren Velez, best-known for TV’s Dexter, serves as this year’s spokesperson. With a handful of red carpet events and special presentations, this year’s version will be bigger than in previous years, Caicedo says.

Among the highlights are Tío Papi, written, directed and starring Puerto Rican New Yorker Joey Dedio as a bachelor who inherits his sister’s six children. The drama Babygirl, directed by Irish filmmaker Macdara Vallely and featuring a mostly Puerto Rican cast, deals with a teen caught up in a love triangle with her mother’s boyfriend. Making its premiere is El Boxeo, a documentary about Latino boxers produced by Edwin Santiago and directed by Allen Swyer.

With the New York International Latino Film Festival’s coming to an abrupt end after 13 years, Caicedo says it is a good time for other festivals to step up and fill that void. “They did a lot for the community and Latino film festivals, but now it’s time for one door to close as another opens,” she says. “The International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival is here to stay.”

[Many thanks to Peter Jordens for this item.]

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