Call for Papers: Poetics and Politics of Resistance—Voices from African and African-Descendant Lusophone and Hispanic Cultures


The Luso/Hispanophone Caucus of the African Literature Association (LHCALA) announces its 40th Annual African Literature Association (ALA) Conference organized around the title “Poetics and Politics of Resistance: Voices from African and African-Descendant Lusophone and Hispanic Cultures.” The conference will take place on April 9-13, 2014, at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. The deadline is November 15, 2013.

Description: In light of the central theme of the 2014 ALA Conference, Texts, Modes and Repertoires of Living in and beyond the Shadows of Apartheid, LHCALA invites proposals that explore the aesthetic constructions of resistance in African and African-descendant creative expression in Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking Africa, Europe and the Americas. Resistance is understood here not only in terms of political action but also as a poetic strategy engaged with dominant paradigms in various manifestations of human interaction. Human longings for basic necessities and non-material forms of fulfillment implicitly question dominant ideas of national and global actors, and their aesthetic expression provides opportunities to explore and appreciate alternative viewpoints.

The venue of the conference and the commemoration of the twenty-year anniversary of the end of apartheid invite reflection upon the role of creative action in articulating the complex and nuanced dynamics of relations of power in Africa and its diasporas. Additionally, we are interested in exploring new forms of expression arising from the innovative ways in which Afro-Luso/Hispanic writers and other artists circumvent economic, social, political, geographic and similar barriers to local and global dialogue.

Papers may focus on these and related forms of creative expression: literature, orature, film, performance, visual art, music and digital arts. We are particularly interested in papers which are interdisciplinary in their approach and transnational in focus.

Please send an abstract of up to 500 words and a short bio by November 15, 2013 to:

Dorothy Odartey-Wellington
University of Guelph
Mackinnon Bldg. Room 276
Guelph, Ontario
519-824-4120 Ext 53179


[Many thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention.]

For conference website, see or

Photograph by René Peña from

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