New Book: « Paroles et silences chez Marie-Célie Agnant »


Paroles et silences chez Marie-Célie Agnant: L’oublieuse mémoire d’Haïti, a collection of essays edited by Colette Boucher and Thomas C. Spear, will be launched at the Montreal Book Fair, which takes place November 20-25, 2013. [See more on the Salon du Livre de Montreal in our previous post Haiti, Featured Country at the Salon du Livre de Montreal.]

agnantMarie-Célie Agnant explores and breaks the silences of history, women, racism and slavery, injustice and impunity. Haitian, Québécoise, Canadian and immigrant, Latin American, she is representative of 21st century French letters through multiple and hybrid cultural influences that she has received, the themes she addresses, and her way of approaching them.

Twelve authors from Canada, the United States, Europe, and Mauritius offer diverse perspectives on her work and explore, with the writer, the various gray areas in Haitian and world history. These studies attest to the complexity of the work of a writer that could be portrayed as an indicator of the living or hidden memory of her country of origin.

Contributors:  Colette Boucher, Beatriz Calvo Martín, Roseanna Dufault, Kumari Issur, Lucie Lequin, Scott W. Lyngaas, Carmen Mata Barreiro, Françoise Naudillon, Lucienne J. Serrano, Thomas C. Spear, Joëlle Vitiello, and Heather A. West.

For full information (in French), see–9782811109547.html

See more on the writer at

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