Dominican-Haiti Border Gate Shut as Truckers’ Intensify Standoff

trucks.ROPz0x209y400Haiti authorities shut their border gate just hours after Dominican counterparts also halted the crossing of vehicles, as truckers continue their protests since Saturday, with the support of local groups, on alleged abuses they say are subjected to when they cross into Haitian territory. They also demand the return of several trucks retained in the other side, at Ouanaminthe.

Haitian and Dominican officials and diplomats plan to meet in Dajabon 11am Wednesday to seek a solution to the standoff and deal with other issues that concern both nations, such as the case on undocumented immigrants. Meanwhile the truckers continue to block the streets to the binational market and warn that the walkout won’t be lifted until after tomorrow’s meeting.

In statement to Ouanaminthe media Haitian authorities said two Dominican trucks are at that police precinct and others have been impounded for having crossed into Haiti territory, for failing to pay an insurance policy in dollars. They also revealed that another truck is being retained at the nearby town of Cap Haitien, and that the whereabouts of a tractor trailer that caught fire at Fort Liberté are unknown.

Quoted by, Ouanaminthe Tele-Radio director Delvy Ronny called the incidents regretful, since they already affect both Haitians and Dominicans whose wellbeing depends on the market, the biggest cross-border trade between the two countries.

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