Guatemala Prohibits Reggaeton


As my student Nico exclaimed, “Outlawing reggaeton! Who would have thought?” But it’s true; no more Daddy Yankee and Wisin & Yandel [shown above] on the airwaves. A decree passed by the Congress of Guatemala prohibits radio stations from playing reggaeton, “urban rhythms that distort the inherent sensuality of women,” as of November 16, 2013. Any Guatemalan media that violate the ordinance will receive heavy penalties, as dictated by the Decree 354-2013.

The move to forbid reggaeton, which has gained popularity in the country albeit causing outrage, is considered to be damaging to popular sensitivity, to violate citizens’ ethics, and distorting the true image of artistic creation. They also condemn use of the terms “mamita,” “conejita,” “gatita,” “perrita,” “zorrita,” and the adjetives “duro,” “suave,” “fuerte,” etc., which are used in these songs songs. [Rough translation of nouns: the feminine form of bunny, kitty, doggy, and little fox; and adjectives: hard, soft, strong.]

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One thought on “Guatemala Prohibits Reggaeton

  1. Reggaeton may have it’s down side… but I’ve heard many songs which are not at all suggestive preformed by many talented musicians . Music should be judged by it’s content, lyrics and message.. not by it’s style.. and the junk can always be weeded out !!

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