Forthcoming Film on Retracing Transnational African Methodism


Allen Report: Retracing Transnational African Methodism is a documentary film-project written and directed by Alanna Lockward. A co-production of Art Labour Archives, Amistad Films and Humana, this film is being shot on location in Haiti, Dominican Republic, Germany, and Namibia. According to the director, this is the first feature-length film production made in collaboration between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. [See links below for more information and to contribute to the completion of the project.]

Description: This documentary project retrieves the liberation legacy of the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME) in three different locations united by common narratives related to struggles against enslavement and Apartheid. In retracing the connected stories of the AME in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Namibia, the documentary reveals the extraordinary legacy of African Methodism outside the United States and contributes to the excavation of the global circuits that historically bind Africa and the African Diaspora.

The AME Mother Bethel Church was founded by Rev. Richard Allen [shown above] in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1794, and was the first Protestant church ministered exclusively by former enslaved people. While the roots of the church in the United States have been well researched, the global—or Pan-African—story of the AME has so far received insufficient attention.

As well as providing a seminal academic contribution to the history of the AME church that presents original research, the Allen Report documentary will also serve as an educational tool. The documentary will help raise awareness amongst AME and wider constituencies regarding the relevance of Black liberation theology and its hermeneutics which are still vibrating globally and growing. Additionally, this film will emphasize the contributions of the AME traditional involvement in community education and health services in its multiple geographic sites.

Director Alanna Lockward says, “My grandfather, George Augustus Lockward Stamers, finished his ground-breaking book Historia del protestantismo en Dominicana with the words that have inspired my commitment to the history of the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME): He wrote that he hoped that someday someone would continue his research. This is a key motivation of my documentary, to honor the memory of my grandfather who tirelessly dedicated his life to many worthy causes, including Black dignity in the Dominican Republic.”

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