Art, a tool of reintegration at the Haiti’s National Penitentiary

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On the occasion of the celebration of the Day of prisoners [Monday, October 28], the Office of the Minister Delegate in charge of Human Rights and the Fight Against Extreme Poverty, published a booklet of the National Penitentiary inmates, result of 10 months of workshops : writing, led by the writer Marvin Victor and drawing, led by two young painters of the National Penitentiary, Haiti Libre reports.

On this occasion, the Minister declared “We won the challenge to lead you on the path of the artistic and literary production, for having taken into account your right to personal development and rehabilitation. The Administration Martelly and Lamothe Government in its efforts to promote and protect the rights of all […] has undertaken to emphasize the scope of the rehabilitation and of development of the creative potential in the process of reintegration of detainees.

This booklet represents in this respect the vibrant witness of the manifestation of the creative power within you. Your drawings are wonderful in beauty and your writing some more penetrating than others. […] The experiment with you during these 10 months […] was meaningful and carrier of perspective of humanity, it has proved a success for you and for the Government.”

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Download the electronic version of the booklet of inmates here.

“This is a modest publication that has all its sense in the power of words” said the Minister.

In addition, as part of these celebrations, the Penitentiary Administration has organized a series of sporting and cultural activities including two competitions [football and basketball], putting in competition police officers and prisoners. The main event will take place this Sunday, October 27 at the Penitentiary where a large mass will be celebrated. Under this Eucharistic celebration, guests can enjoy more than 30 paintings and handicrafts made ​​by prisoners. The group Twoubakapela and singer Jean-Jean Roosevelt, gold medal of the French song in the 7th edition of the Games of La Francophonie, are the two main guests of this cultural event.

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