Rubén Blades to Bring “Maestra Vida” to the Screen with Puerto Rican Cast


Panamanian singer-songwriter Ruben Blades is working on script for the screen version of “Maestra Vida” to be filmed by Puerto Rican filmmaker Paloma Suau. He also hopes to have the participation of Benicio del Toro among the cast of actors.

He has had previous experience working with Suau, when she directed him for the 2002 Banco Popular special entitled ‘Encuentro,’ with Draco and Juan Luis Guerra. Blades says, “Paloma Suau is writing the script with me; she is excellent,” indicating that she helped solve problems with the script, which helped speed up the development of the plot. He also says that he is not sure when they will begin filming, but he hopes to have Benicio Del Toro on board as well as and other Puerto Rican actors, “because there are many good ones.” Part of the work would be filmed in Puerto Rico and part in Panama.

Now, the album Maestra Vida (1980), which marked a milestone in the salsa genre by introducing elements of new Latin American literature to music, will go to the big screen after having already had its run in the theater.

Blades has also been reading the latest version of the script for the film Manos de Piedra [Hands of Stone], in which he will play the boxing entrepreneur Carlos Eleta, who managed the Panamanian boxer Roberto ‘Manos de Piedra’ Durán. This film will also feature Robert de Niro (trainer Ray Arcel), Usher (Sugar Ray Leonard), and Edgar Ramírez (Durán). Filming began three days ago in Panama and Blades will join them on November 8.

The Panamanian singer plans to record a new version of “Maestra vida” with the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela, led by conductor Gustavo Dudamel.

[Many thanks to Carmen Oquendo Villar for bringing this item to our attention.]

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