Haiti Popular Creole Artist Emeline Michel on her Way to Festival Kreol 2013 in Seychelles


Mellow jazz, with a soulful sound, is how many have described Emeline Michel’s singing. Soon the Seychellois public and all coming from the World of Creoles will have the chance to sample what the amazing vocalist from Haiti has to offer during this year’s edition of Festival Kreol.

The well known Haitian songstress is among many other Creole artists who have confirmed their participation in the 28th edition of Festival Kreol. This an annual event held in Victoria, the Creole Capital of the World to celebrate the diversity and flamboyant and unique Creole culture. The islands of La Reunion, neighboring Mauritius and Rodrigues, as well as Martinique will also be joining Seychellois artists at this year’s Festival Kreol edition in Victoria, the Capital of the Seychelles.

Together with the other delegations from the Creole Diasporas descending upon the Seychelles in droves, the ‘Joni Mitchel of Haiti’; will also add an extra touch to this year’s festivities. Emeline Michel’s earlier release ‘Flanm’ has been played on the local airwaves over the years – making her no stranger to the Seychellois public.

An accomplished international singer, songwriter, composer and amazing dancer, Emeline Michel was born in 1966 in Gonaives, a city in Northern Haiti. Before hitting the secular music scene, the youngster started out by singing in church. She left her hometown to pursue her secondary education in Port-au-Prince, almost immediately after moving to the capital, Emeline Michel was discovered and within a couple of months she released her first single, Akai Kao.

After completing high school, Emeline received a scholarship to study music at the Detroit Jazz Center in the United States upon winning a talent contest. She received her bachelor in music studies, then returned to Haiti as a professional musician, and established herself as one of the top artist in Haiti, touring much of the Caribbean. The newest sensation of Creole music became an icon, and her appearance was in high demand, in numerous jazz festival all over the world; including Canada, France and the United States of America.

However, not content with only being a singer, Emeline has also used her music to speak for the ordinary Haitian. It was no surprise, when former President of the United States, Bill Clinton, chose Emeline Michel as the headline performer for his 2006, Clinton Global Initiative in NY City, an event gathering over 2000 world’s leaders, Presidents, famous thinkers, and prominent dignitaries.

Armed with many years of musical accomplishments, Emeline Michel is on her way to the Festival Kreol in the Seychelles soon – an event that also celebrates her own Creole heritage as a Haitian.

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