“Palito de Coco”, Haitian Internet Sensation Missing in D.R.


To sell “Palito de Coco,” caramel and chocolate covered coconut, a young Haitian migrant that goes by the name of La Vega composed a song to amuse his patrons. After someone recorded a video of his song and uploaded it to YouTube, La Vega became an internet and Latin pop culture sensation registering 750,000 views in one month with his song being played in all the clubs in Latin America, but he has not appeared in public and his whereabouts are unknown, sentinel.ht reports.

His song, “Palito de Coco,” is sung to the rhythm of Komba, a combination the “Konpa and” Mambo,” Haitian mambo with an erotic focus.

It became the #1 hit in the Pamana parade and in the dance clubs of the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and most Central American Spanish speaking countries and in Latin clubs of the United States.

Bands perform the song shamelessly and it is regularly broadcasted on respectable radio stations. But where is the composer? He has disappeared from sight.

It has been said that he is in fear of being deported to Haiti so he remains in the shadows of Santiago Barahona (southwest of the Dominican Republic).

A rumor that he was arrested by immigration agents was unfounded after the Directorate of Immigration issued a denial. TV producers seek to locate him, but nothing so far.

“This man could become a millionaire with his composition’s success, but now he’s gone. The 750,000 hits on his YouTube video Indicates his level of success.

Since the publication of the controversial decision of the Constitutional Dominican Court The video has reached a phenomenal level of visits. “Palito Coco”, observers say, is seen as a cultural response to the decision of the Constitutional Court.

For the original report go to  http://www.sentinel.ht/entertainment/articles/celebrity/5111-palito-de-coco-haitian-internet-sensation-missing#ixzz2hwCxjBvB

5 thoughts on ““Palito de Coco”, Haitian Internet Sensation Missing in D.R.

  1. the dominican goverment and 90 % of dominican peoples are racist, anthony santos is haitian descendent palito de coco is one of the most beautiful music that put the dominican republic at the top in Brazil, give to the poor is not a mistake its a right. but they are to respect the haitian brother haiti is 67 % in the domican economy.

  2. big respect for you, palito de coco let the history at the rear he cannot save us at the front all the haitian people love his brother and sister in the dominican republic, why they dont do the same, history is for reading it is not for the revenge, so dont ever treat history like a mark
    haiti for ever dominican republic for ever, this is the real peace.

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