Barbados to Host Regional Conference on Human Trafficking

BTrafficking_w304arbados will host a regional seminar on the prevention of human trafficking. The October 25 event is being funded by the United States State Department and will be attended by delegates from the host country as well as St Lucia and the Bahamas.

[The seminar] is being organised by the Barbados National Task Force for the Prevention of Human Trafficking (TFTIP), in collaboration with the International Organisation of Migration and is part of a regional project designed to build the capacity of Barbados, St Lucia and the Bahamas to counter trafficking in persons, through training and other technical skills.

The workshop targets professionals in the media and aims to increase participants’ understanding of the basic concepts of human trafficking and equip them with the knowledge of how to disseminate information without endangering victims or investigations. Part of the TFTIP’s mission is to provide knowledge to various sectors in Barbados, in an effort to prevent the incidence of trafficking in persons and to provide care and support for victims.

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