Romeo Santos Makes New Friends on Sesame Street


Romeo Santos’ “Propuesta Indecente” is No. 1 on both the Billboard Hot Latin Songs and Latin Airplay charts this week. But he has a more innocent proposal for Elmo in his upcoming appearance on “Sesame Street,” as Judy cantor-Navas reports for Billboard

Santos serenades the playground with a bilingual song about making friends  enrapturing the muppets with “Quiero Ser Tu Amigo” (“I Want to Be Your Friend”). If you are a Romeo fan, get ready to love him even more as he turns on all his paternal charm. And if you never got what the big deal about Santos is, his sweet encounter with the Sesame Street crew may just bring you on board.

Santos’ Hispanic Heritage appearance on Sesame Street airs Thursday (Oct. 10). He follows the show’s groundbreaking practice of featuring Latino artists, who have included everyone from Celia Cruz to Juanes.

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