Pulitzer Price Winner Junot Díaz: ‘Nothing Betrays Us Like Love Does’


Pulitzer Prize-winning author Junot Díaz talked about his latest book, his love for Latin women and why he decided to write about topics such as cheating and infidelity during an interview with Latina. The new book is titled “This is How You Lose Her,” with its deluxe edition scheduled for release on Oct 31.

“I don’t think anyone should take relationship from me — God what do I know!,” the American-Dominican author told Latina on the message he wanted both men and women to get from reading “This is How You Lose Her.”

“Most people when they are in a relationship that doesn’t feel safe they can feel that in their heart, and I would say why they feel that is normal if they feel that it so deeply in their heart. There is no advice that would protect you from negative outcomes of love, that’s the price to pay for love,” said the 44-year-old author, according to Latina.

Díaz also talked about how society affects the way Latino men view relationships and why, as an author, he wanted to explore issues such as cheating, lying and machismo. “This is a shadow that haunts many relationships. It has a certain weight in heterosexual relationships, but it is a shadow that haunts any relationship. It crosses all lines between age and gender,” explained Díaz, who believes infidelity “is a calamity of the heart, because it is such a part of our lives.” “I see it as one of the great dangers in intimacy. It was irresistible as a subject for me because there is a great subject around it,” he added.

“When you’re a kid, you grow up with kid versions of love stories and what it means to fall in love. Then they grow up with these preconceived love stories and when you get older you realize how hard it is. Then there are these broken trusts, and as an artist, I was drawn to these. Nothing betrays us like love does. This reveals who we are. This was familiar for me, but terrible and difficult to convey,” the author explained.

The “The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao” author also talked about his love for Latin women. “Coming up in a Dominican community, I went to school with girls who had to survive the same things as me and a lot more. Yet the power of the women I grew up around, their strength of character and all of the courage to survive the lives many of us did, it has a tremendous impact on character. I think this is why I am dawn to Latinas,” he said.

“There is something astonishing and heroic about the raw human courage that is required for Latinas to mobilize and deal with their lives. When I deal with a Dominican woman she sees parts of me that many others haven’t. When I am with Latinas they see me fully, and they give themselves back to you,” Díaz told Latina.

For the original report go to http://www.latinospost.com/articles/28617/20130927/pulitzer-price-winner-junot-d%C3%ADaz-nothing-betrays-love.htm

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