Call to Protect Karst in Puerto Rico


80grados reports that karst conservation organization Ciudadanos del Karso (CDK) invited the Council of Construction to reconsider and join the rest of Puerto Rican society in efforts to protect the karst region. This region is vital to maintaining the economic sectors associated with the pharmaceutical and the dairy industry, as well as to meet the daily drinking water needs of hundreds of thousands of citizens in Puerto Rico.

Abel Vale Nieves, president of CDK said, “Cases like landslides occurring in Cerca del Cielo community in Ponce, a collapse of several homes in a sinkhole in Monte Verde in Manatí, or more recently, a landslide in Villa España in Bayamon, make it clear that urbanizing cannot continue as in the past. He added that “We cannot be indifferent and continue putting in danger the lives and homes of citizens, nor continue to destroy the natural resources we need for our development, “he said Okay.

[. . .] The karst region is known as one of the most valuable natural areas in Puerto Rico. Apart from its extraordinary value as groundwater supply, the karst is home to 35 vulnerable and endangered species, including several unique to the island as the coquí llanero (the Eleutherodactylus juanariveroi), the harlequin butterfly, and the crested toad.

For full article (in Spanish), see

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