BNYC: It’s Caribbean Youth Day!


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On this joyous day, 30th September, 2013; the Bahamas National Youth Council (BNYC) joins nations across our illustrious Caribbean Region, to congratulate youth who are actively involved in the governance of their country. We applaud the efforts of all young persons who are continuing to ensure that youth are included in the corridors of power and positive change. We must ensure that those advocates of positive and consistent change are continuously recognized.

While we congratulate those who are leading the charge, we must also encourage others who are not doing so. Bahamian young people are proud to be a part of a rich and stable Caribbean Culture and Heritage. We will most definitely continue to contribute to the development of our nation and region, regardless of race, nationality, politics, socio-economic status and religious belief or any other differences that gives our country region its uniqueness.

We vow to partner with our Caribbean Brothers and Sisters by promoting effective change and advocacy through creativity and passion. We will continue to lead the charge of positive change and active participation within the governance of our country. We, the BNYC understand that our region has its struggles and economic obstacles. However, we will indeed not only lead a stronger Caribbean, but contribute positively, to the development of the best region in the world. We will continue to advocate for young persons through governance, economic empowerment, social and community development, the environment and last but most definitely not least, regional integration.

Therefore, on behalf of His Grace, the Most Rev’d Archbishop Drexel W. Gomez, Patron of The BNYC, the President, Mr. Tyson K. McKenzie and the Executives and Advisors of The Bahamas National Youth Council, we wish all young persons a Happy Caribbean Youth Day and encourage our Caribbean Brothers and Sisters to do the same.

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