New Book: Alanna Lockward’s “Marassá y la nada”


Alanna Lockward’s Marassá y la nada [Marassa and Nothingness] was recently published by Editorial Santuario. The book was illustrated by Gabriela Vainsencher, and the cover, designed by Amado Melo, is based on one of the artist’s drawings. Marassá y la nada will be presented at the 7th Festival of the Dominican Book [Feria del Libro Dominicano] this weekend—September 27-29, 2013—at Boricua College, located at 3755 Broadway, New York.

Marassá y la nada will also be exhibited at the XVI International Book Fair of Puerto Rico, which will take place on October 15-20, 2013, at the Convention Center in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Alanna Lockward has distinguished herself as a journalist, classical dancer, writer, and curator of contemporary art. Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, she holds a BS in Communication from the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Xochimilco, Mexico City, and an MA in Art in Context from the University of the Arts Berlin. She received a degree in Dance Education from the Royal Academy of Dancing and danced for the National Ballet, Chamber Ballet of Jalisco, Neubert Ballet, and the Australian Opera, among other companies.

Lockward is author of Apremio: apuntes sobre el pensamiento y la creación contemporánea desde el Caribe (Cendeac, 2006). She has worked as cultural editor for Listin Diario, researcher at the magazine Rumbo, and columnist for the Miami Herald. She is currently a columnist for

In Berlin, where Lockward lives, she directs Art Labour Archives, a platform organizing interdisciplinary events in the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, and the United States. She is also associate curator of the avant-garde theater space, Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, and general manager of the Decolonial Transnational Institute. As a curator, she has been awarded by the Allianz Cultural Foundation, the Danish Arts Council, and the Nordic Council of Ministers.

For more information and a review by Dr. Sophie Mariñez (in Spanish), see

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