Haiti: President Faces Dismissal over Murder Case

Michel_Martelly_on_April_20_2011-189x300The Haitian Senate has opened an investigation into the country’s president and prime minister for being implicated in the murder of a judge. They recently approved a commission which recommends the dismissal of the president.

President Michael Martelly and two members of parliament are facing dismissal from the government as they are allegedly involved in the murder of a judge who was investigating an accusation against the wife and a child of the president.

The judge, Jean Serge Joseph, died suspiciously on the 13th July of a cerebral hemorrhage. The admitting hospital stated that Joseph died of a “cerebrovascular accident” or stroke but Joseph’s family and several high profile politicians believe Joseph was poisoned.

The president’s wife, Sophia Saint-Remy, and her son Olivier, were being accused of “usurpation of functions and conspiracy” in their manipulation of public funds.

The main driving force behind the charges against the president is Senator Moïse Jean-Charles, the leader of the opposition. Members of parliament have determined that the president visited the judge two days before his death to try and pressure him regarding his case involving Saint-Rémy. Jean-Charles said that after the suspicions about the crime had been made known to the Senate, they democratically decided whether to pass the commission proposing Martelly’s dismissal on Tuesday evening. Seven senators voted for the proposal, zero against, and nine abstained from voting

For full article, see http://www.argentinaindependent.com/currentaffairs/haiti-president-faces-dismissal-over-murder-case/

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