Cookie Monster Sea Sponge Will Make You Smile, Want A Snack

Cookie Monster Our Planet

This short piece of amusing nonsense appeared in The Huffington Post.

Does someone want a cookie?

A diver was exploring the beautiful reefs of Curacao in the Caribbean when he and his wife happened upon a sea creature with a very hungry doppelganger: “Sesame Street’s” Cookie Monster.

Mauricio Handler, an underwater photographer based in New England, told Grind TV that while he initially swam past the hilariously shaped sponge, his wife, Julia, quickly pointed it out.

“It was Julia who went to get me, laughing through her mask about the unusual sponge,” Handler told the site. “So I did an about-face and went straight to it, and worked the subject to light it perfectly to get as much personality out of the picture as possible.”

Handler said he believes the unique creature to actually be three purple tube sponges that have gradually fused together, taking on the appearance of a pair of googly eyes and gaping mouth.

Indeed, purple sea sponges thrive in the diverse environment of the reef, a diverse explosion of flora and fauna that the Miami Herald once described as a “delightful underwater garden.”

Of course, this is not the only Cookie Monster likeness to be spotted in an unusual place. Last October, scientists from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center noticed that an impact basin on Mercury looked a lot like the hungry muppet. The Mercury photo proved the letter “C” could stand for crater, as well as cookie.

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