Winslow Homer 1836–1910 Visits the Caribbean

Winslow Homer (American artist, 1836-1910) Shark Fishing

Barbara Wells Sarudy describes her blog It’s About Time, as a blog that “scours history, art, nature, & everyday life for unique perspectives, uncommon grace, & unexpected insights.” There are certainly quite a few treasures to explore therein. In her post “American artist Winslow Homer 1836–1910 visits the Caribbean,” she regales us with 16 painting by American artist Winslow Homer. [My co-blogger, Lisa, is writing a book on this and other artists who “painted the Caribbean” (see previous post, PAINTING THE CARIBBEAN: Symposium) and it is always a treat to be reminded of these breathtaking works.]

In her recent post, Wells Sarudy features Homer’s “Shark Fishing”(shown above), “Hauling in anchor Key West,” “The Gulf Stream,” “Rum Cay,” “The Conch Divers,” “West India Divers,” “Done in the Bahamas,” “The Water Fan,” “Sponge-Fishing,” “After the Hurricane-Bahamas,” “Fishing Boats-Key West,” “Sponge Fishermen,” “Bahamas 1885,” “The Sponge Diver,” “Market Scene Nassau,” and “Key West: Hauling Anchor.”

She writes: “During the 1880s, Winslow Homer vacationed in Florida, and the Caribbean, where he produced dazzling watercolors of people struggling with the sea & its creatures. Strong men here challenge the ocean’s overwhelming power; but in the end, the timeless ocean would survive. The strong, clever fishermen would die passing the task on to the next generation.”

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