Cuba among the Best of the Insular Caribbean Cave Art

cuba-arterupestrePrensa Latina reports that, with 292 stations or cave art sites, Cuba is perhaps the Caribbean island nation with the most detailed and accurate record of that cultural and archaeological manifestation.

In Cuba dominated pictographic type cave stations, which are those with some form of painting or drawing, and the western region holds the largest number of these sites, with 57 percent of the existing ones, according to an article in today ‘s newspaper Granma.

Under the guidance of Pedro Borras Group of the Speleological Society of Cuba, and the Cuban Research Group of Cave Art, attached to the Cuban Institute of Anthropology of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, is running a research project in the coastal semi desert southern province of Guantanamo, in the east end of the island.

The Master of Science Divaldo Gutierrez explained that through this curriculum landscape, paleo-climate, caving, geology and cave paintings were discovered six stations with paintings probably made by cultures that occupied the area before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadores in 1492.

According to experts, the sites discovered in three caves and three tabs are perhaps the best preserved, because there are no signs of damage caused by man, and the deterioration observed in some pictographs is due primarily to natural processes associated with the existence of fungi, algae and lichens.

This seems to be favored because it is one of the areas with the lowest annual rainfall of the archipelago, as well as the low presence of occasional visitors because of its aridity. This result is taxed new data to Census Aboriginal Archaeological Cuba, which currently makes the Cuban Institute of Anthropology.

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