Sir Hilary Beckles Appointed Chair of Caribbean Reparation Commission


We extend our congratulations to Sir Hilary Beckles—Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the University of the West Indies-Cave Hill, Barbados, and author of the recently published Britain’s Black Debt: Reparation for Caribbean Slavery and Native Genocide—for his new appointment as chair of the Caribbean Reparation Commission. See more details in article below:

Noted Caribbean academic, Professor Sir Hilary Beckles, has been appointed to chair a Caribbean Reparation Commission that will seek to advance the region’s position on the injustices suffered as a result of the slave trade. Sir Hilary was appointed at the end of the first ever three-day Regional Reparation Conference that ended here late Tuesday.

Caribbean Community (CARICOM) leaders at their meeting in Trinidad in July had agreed to the formation of a region-wide Reparations Commission to seek compensation from Europe for native genocide and enslavement of Africans during colonisation. Member of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Reparation Committee, Joseph Delves, speaking on the state-owned NBC radio Wednesday, described the conference as a “huge success”. He said that the Commission would comprise the various heads of the national reparation commissions. “We have also set up and appointed some five vice chairs…so that body will be the body that would be advising the CARICOM heads. “So you have your structure going forward. We also adopted the significant terms of reference for this Caribbean wide Commission and the conference ended with the public filming of the movie called ‘War’ a movie on Walter Rodney, the great Caribbean academic from Guyana.

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2 thoughts on “Sir Hilary Beckles Appointed Chair of Caribbean Reparation Commission

  1. The Colonial masters will never make reparation so let’s not waste time and energy flogging a dead horse! Instead let us demand free entry into their country. As former colonies, used as stepping stones to build their economies, robbed of our youth and natural resources, the least they can do is do away with robbing us further by selling us entry visas. Has anyone ever computed how much money these foreign embassies make annually from their non-refundable visa application fees?? Maybe that’s what they should pay back – all visa fees collected during the past 20 years!!

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