HUGE tiger shark steals terrified diver’s camera in Bahamas


The extraordinary moment a deadly tiger shark stole a camera from a diver’s hands in the Caribbean has been caught on camera, AOL News reports.

The cheeky shark caused havoc during an underwater diving expedition in the Bahamas after snatching an expensive camera from the hands of a petrified photographer.


After posing for several snaps the shy shark decided enough was enough and grabbed the equipment in its jaws before swimming off with the £11,000 camera.

Tiger sharks are considered to be one of the most dangerous shark species in the world and are responsible for many recorded attacks on humans, second only to the great white shark.

Fellow photographer, Miguel Lasa, watched the shark pinch the camera from his exhibition guide and managed to capture the commotion on camera despite admitting he was terrified.

Talking to Caters News, Miguel, 49, a doctor from Newcastle, said the shark dropped the camera around 100 metres away, and called the moment a “great experience”, but added: “I wouldn’t do it again.”

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