Usain Bolt’s 2016 Career Change


Various media have been reporting on Usain Bolt’s proposed career change—perhaps to cricket, football, and/or acting—after the 2016 Olympic Games. [Also see previous post Movie Star Bolt?]

Signs that Usain Bolt is planning to retire from athletics after the 2016 Olympic Games came as no surprise to the Caribbean media. His statement that he wanted to end his career at the top, made at a news conference before the final leg of the Diamond League athletics meets in Brussels, hit the global headlines on 4 September.

However, the Jamaican and Trinidadian media have been reporting since last year on Bolt’s aim to make 2016 the time for him to seek new challenges. A check by Caribbean Intelligence© indicates that, as early as November 2012, regional media had been reporting on Bolt’s intention to “switch sports” after 2016.

Front-runner career changes for the world’s fastest man include cricket and football. However, Hollywood might also beckon, as Samuel L Jackson has said that he’s approaching Bolt and footballer David Beckham for roles in a forthcoming film, The Secret Service.

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