Sean Paul Says Snoop Lion’s Style of Reggae Is Not Authentic


Complex Music writes that Snoop Dogg‘s foray into reggae music (as Snoop Lion) and his latest album Reincarnated has received mixed reviews from critics. Apparently, “that goes for his peers too.” They are referring to critique from  Sean Paul, who feels that an album called Reincarnated should have a more authentic, home-based sound from Jamaica.

In a recent interview with Montreality, reggae and dancehall artist Sean Paul discussed his thoughts on the Long Beach rapper’s musical change. “After speaking out and saying, ‘Leave Snoop alone, he’s an icon. He can do what he wants to do.’ After making that statement, I think I wish that his production of reggae music was a lot more authentic,” he says. “I think that he came to Jamaica to do it, but they didn’t use our production.”

“It’s definitely new wave sounding kind of stuff, but to me it’s not really as authentic,” he continues. “If your album is going to be called [Reincarnated], it should have been a lot more home-based from Jamaica.” Still, Paul gave Snoop props on his attempt. “Salute to him. It may be controversial, but he’s brought a lot of attention to the genre.”

Watch the full clip [in the link below], where Sean Paul details his own key to success and working on the film Belly.

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