Soledad O’Brien Interviews Former Haitian dictator ‘Baby Doc’


Al Jazeera recently posted an interview by special correspondent Soledad O’Brien with former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier. Known as “Baby Doc,” Duvalier took over as Haiti’s dictator at age 19 when his father “Papa Doc” died. The family dynasty, known for brutality and corruption, lasted for three decades and ended when “Baby Doc” was overthrown in 1986 and went into exile in France. Duvalier returned to Haiti in 2011, a year after a devastating earthquake struck, saying he wanted to help the country. In the photo above, he meets Soledad O’Brien (for America Tonight) at a restaurant in Port-au-Prince with his lawyer by his side.

As the article points out, Haiti is still struggling to recover from the effects of its catastrophic 2010 earthquake, but it is also grappling with the presence of Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier, a former dictator who returned from exile in 2011.

In August, Soledad O’Brien caught up with the elusive former president, who faces corruption charges and is trying to access about $6 million frozen in a Swiss bank account. She also spoke with Robert Duval, who was a political prisoner during Duvalier’s rule.

For more photos from O’Brien’s latest reporting trip to Haiti, see

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