Oscar de la Renta Demands Respect for Fashion Week


Columnist Liz Smith features fashion great Oscar de la Renta—originally from the Dominican Republic and now recognized as a North American fashion icon—focusing on the designer’s critique of Fashion Week; he calls for going back to highlighting high fashion rather than letting it become a circus spectacle of celebrities and attention grabbing would-be stars. Smith writes:

Who is numero uno in real fashion influence and knowledge? No, not Anna Wintour of Vogue and now in all but total control of Conde Nast. Not to say she isn’t right there at the tippy-top. But I believe even Anna would agree with me when I name – the one and only Oscar de la Renta. This smart and charming and talented, sometimes outrageous Dominican who graduated from Elizabeth Arden in his early days, has, in his professional lifetime , been wed to two women just as smart, cultured, and highly thought of (the late Francoise and the current Annette) as he is. And, at 81, Oscar has overcome all obstacles, gone fashionable world-wide and he really “gets it.”

He is both available and knows when to be unavailable. He takes on modern technology, using techno-savvy, and weds it to historical real knowledge and fashion grandeur. He has made himself into a North American icon, with all the attachments of international recognition.

When he notes to Mail Online’s Sadie Whitelocks that Fashion Week in New York has “become a circus.” He knows whereof he speaks – slamming celebrities and their mindless hordes of followers as ruining what should be a specialty. He demands that high fashion deserves respect. It should be regarded with less spectacle and more substance.

Oscar realizes it is in fashion’s nature to always change. But the current poseurs, wannabes, multitudes of photographers and crowds having nothing to do with actual fashion are ruining a true world of selectivity and knowledge that does have something to say. He blames the stars and aspiring stars and their hangers on, who ruin occasions like the Academy Awards. I think he is saying that certain kinds of celebrity are partly to blame for the current mediocrity.

[. . .] I guess something has to change before Fashion Week implodes in on itself. A world of screaming photographers, getting the goods, isn’t good for running the show on the runway and this includes clamoring crowds shouting people’s names and making a public nuisance of themselves. Fashion Week has become somewhat chaotic. Gangs photographing and attacking celebrities and over-eager would-be stars, are overshadowing and overwhelming Fashion Week itself. [. . .]

For full article, see http://www.huffingtonpost.com/liz-smith/oscar-de-la-renta-demands_1_b_3880413.html

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